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Inside Man Season 5 Cast

What is The Inside Man?

The Inside Man series started out as a challenge: ‘is it possible to create a drama about
information security that rivals anything seen on Netflix?’

The result was The Inside Man, Season 1, a twelve episode storyline, featuring Mark, a relatable anti-hero hacker who has been tasked by a sinister ‘controller’ to infiltrate a company and help bring it down. Like all the best-loved TV dramas, the key to success was a binge-worthy, gripping storyline with a cast of funny, heroic, resourceful, colorful and skilled characters, whose exploits just had to be reprised for a second and third season. The rest, as they say, is history. The Inside Man ‘family’ have now reunited for a fifth season that sees them taking on cyber threats in far-flung parts of the globe. All the adventure, drama and action show no signs of slowing anytime soon. Join us!

What's so special about The Inside Man?

The series has been specifically developed to harness authentic hacking and social engineering scenarios with edge of the seat, emotionally engaging drama.

The season by season, episode by episode structure allows the producers of the series to morph, evolve and adapt the plot-line to demonstrate multiple, real-world security threats in a human setting. Season 1 for example deals with social engineering, social media, phishing, physical access, passwords to name a few. In Season 2 there’s outsider-threat involving virtual assistants, alongside some outstandingly bad password and mobile app-related behavior. Season 3 goes international, dealing with deepfakes along with a host of the usual and common security misdemeanors. Season 4 exposes the vulnerabilities to a devastating ransomware attack and how susceptible people are to social media deepfakes. Season 5 continues exploring social media threats, breaches of physical security and password theft.

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