Inside The Episodes

Season 1 - Episode 1
'The New Guy'

'The New Guy' Mark aka hacker named ‘Romulus’ tailgates his way right into the Khromacom corporate headquarters where the IT Team are firefighting a cyber attack. He uses his skills to cleverly obtain a job on the IT security team, much to the satisfaction of his sinister handler - ‘Mother’.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 1 Episode 1

This is the series where the team behind ‘The Inside Man’ share the thinking and processes behind making this ground-breaking and multi-award-winning series. Take a front row seat as Rob McCollum (Writer), Jim Shields (Director) and Perry Carpenter (Exec Producer) discuss bringing the world’s first Netflix-quality, security awareness comedy drama to a small screen near you. Learn some cool production stuff with some behind-the-scenes nuggets from Rob and Jim. Plus geek out on Perry’s amazing security insights on the real world of the hacker and social engineer.

Find out how Jim and Rob responded to the brief of a lifetime from Perry and KnowBe4 to take the next evolutionary step and make the best information security drama ever. They responded with ‘The Inside Man’, a continuous drama, combining compelling storytelling with action, comedy and pathos. It also gave Rob a chance to deploy his massive writing skills (according to Rob anyway).

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