Inside The Episodes

Season 1 - Episode 11
'The Sound of Trumpets'

This adversary is relentless. Mark and AJ know that just because an attack has been thwarted, they will just keep coming. The information hacked from ‘Mother's' phone leads them to a USB key, surreptitiously handed to Erica by the American businessman. If she plugs it into her laptop the game is up, the confidential information about the merger will be extracted by ‘Mother’s’ terrifying masters.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 1 Episode 11

The ‘Trojan’ that Maurice gave to Erica at the conference was on a USB key. Perry explains how such an ordinary and innocent-looking item of data storage has the potential to be so hugely destructive. Jim and Rob can’t hide their excitement about shooting a slo-mo action sequence and they give an insight on the cultural influences behind the scene.

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