Inside The Episodes

Season 1 - Episode 12

‘Mother’ or Maurice as we find his real name to be, is sure that he can keep the operation on the road. He uses Mark’s past to try to blackmail him. He tests the security guy’s sincerity in turning over a new leaf. Meanwhile AJ gets his big break and a new security star is born at Khromacom. Think all the loose ends are tied up? There’s always a twist in the best thrillers.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 1 Episode 12

Wow! Who could have predicted that Charlotte would be a baddie? According to Perry this is exactly the way that insider threat works. Jim and Rob give some cool insider detail on the character ‘Charlotte’ and the process of casting the actor who played her so brilliantly. You’ll also hear how ‘AJ’ had a certain cast member in stitches with his improvization skills.

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