Inside The Episodes

Season 1 - Episode 7
'Buying Time'

Who knows which way Mark will fall? His new permanent position will give him the chance to work from the ‘inside’, but there are signs he has a real conscience, that he cares about his colleagues. Fiona introduces him to newbie Charlotte and it’s obvious she wants the two of them to strike up a friendship. It’s pretty awkward. Mark has hopeless social skills.


Inside The Inside Man - Season 1 Episode 7

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) doesn’t seem like the stuff of a classic Hollywood ‘meet cute’ but Rob and Jim explain how a number of cinematic devices make an appearance in ‘The Inside Man, 1’. While Perry describes the considerable benefits of MFA, Rob describes the process of securing Dallas’s own ‘Stanley Tucci’ for the pivotal role of ‘the Handler’, Maurice.

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