Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 1
'A Different Tune'

Things are looking great for Mark. He’s got his dream job, working alongside his newly promoted buddy AJ. They do everything together. Episode 1 finds the Khromacom gang at a Karaoke bar. As ever there are security situations everywhere: unsecured phones being left out in public; people writing their passwords down. What else do you expect when people are having fun?

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 1

Some fascinating insights on the character arc behind Charlotte as the new 'bad guy'. Plus, Perry explains the true and worrying extent of password vulnerability. Yes, writing down passwords really is a thing - in fact it’s a whole sub-branch of the stationery industry. The sooner folks move to a virtual password manager, the better. Similarly, multi-factor authentication has its limits, say if your phone’s sim card has been physically duplicated. That means you, Dawn.

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