Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 10
'Showdown at the AI Corral. Pt 1'

It’s the day of the big launch. The excitement and the threat levels around e.v.e are through the roof. AJ and Mark take the team through the critical security protocols. Meanwhile Charlotte impersonates her way into a bedroom at the launch event hotel. So at last we come to the final showdown. Mark is going to have to draw on all his powers of persuasion to save Charlotte, but time is running out.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 10

The action is literally moving location, out of Khromacom and over to the e.v.e launch venue. There are some great insights from Perry, Rob and Jim about how to stay secure at conferences, or while travelling. Who knew it was so easy to fake a public WiFi? We also touch on the terrifying possibilities of AI in influencing politics and society. Dev’s ‘Aunt Margret’, it seems, is just the tip of a sinister ‘deep fake’ iceberg.

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