Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 11
'Showdown at the AI Corral. Pt 2'

Finally, all of the secrets are laid bare, all of the webs of deceit unravel. The revelations come thick and fast for Charlotte, AJ and Dev. By the end of this emotional and tense episode everything they thought they knew will be turned inside out. Who will emerge on the side of truth? What will happen to all those treasured friendships and loyalties? In a stunning revelation the betrayer will be betrayed.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 11

Some of the most profound questions around our relationship with ‘tech’ are touched on in this episode. Charlotte’s ‘hacktivist’ good intentions have been weaponized by Dev, who in turn has been ‘owned’ by one-time hacker, Mark. As Perry says, ‘If there’s any service you are taking advantage of for free; ultimately, you are the product’. Episode 11 is home to one of the stand-out emotional scenes in the Series. It’s here you see that at heart, the important stuff is not the tech, or the data: it’s the people behind them.

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