Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 12
'A New Day'

Mark and AJ face the aftermath. In the remains of the e.v.e launch they survey a world seemingly turned upside down. So many questions are still unanswered. Can their friendship survive? Could someone really end up in jail? And maybe most important of all, where is Charlotte? All will be revealed and more in this intriguing and uplifting Season finale.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 12

You can’t have a Season finale without a satisfying conclusion, in other words, the ‘Scooby-Doo ending’. So, Dev gets carted off by the police. The gang also get to stay together, at ‘Good Shepherd’, Mark’s security consultancy. Perry issues a helpful warning on our current enthusiasm for the Internet of Things, whether that means cameras, kettles, fridges, even toasters. By way of a thank you for reaching the last episode of ‘Inside the Inside Man’, you get to find out where ‘the shot’ was shot. See you for Season 3 - once Rob has had a nap in a darkened room.

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