Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 2
'Crack Team'

Mark and AJ are called into the team on a new top-secret project, e.v.e. They get to meet technology biz guru, Justin, and the tech brains behind him, Dev. Mark is tasked with setting up security on the mystery project, but the first meeting for the team sees some cracks appearing in their confidentiality protocols.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 2

This is the episode where we get a sense of the ‘target’ for Season 2. Perry, Jim and Rob consider the security vulnerabilities of companies in times of transition, such as during a merger, or a joint enterprise. Employees may lower their guard when there are new people around, such as Jason and Dev. AJ is justifiably excited about the new top-secret project and like many people, overshares on social media. Thank goodness he only has 57 followers.

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