Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 8
'The Guy behind the Guy'

The launch of e.v.e is just days away and the team is pulled into an unscheduled planning meeting. Dev is relying on Mark and AJ to keep the system secure against a threat of which only Mark knows the true scale. Finally, we start to see the real scope of e.v.e‘s capabilities. Never before has the maxim ‘trust no one’ seemed more relevant.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 8

The signs of a major ‘sting’ are starting to multiply and frankly the security team just isn’t up to scratch. e.v.e is making some worrying interventions and Charlotte is capitalizing on confidential information sloppily left on a whiteboard. Perry explains what a ‘penetration tester’ is. He also gives some crucial detail on the terrifying capabilities of that fake cable Mark rips out of the wall.

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