Inside The Episodes

Season 2 - Episode 9
'Behind the Curtain'

e.v.e’s launch day minus one and Charlotte is showing herself to be as skilful an actor as she is a hacker. Maurice is forced to cash in some old favors, no matter how far flung, or how deep ‘undercover’, to find out who’s really behind the growing web of conspiracy. Meanwhile AJ is having doubts about his friendship with Mark, who seems worryingly distracted and evasive. Not surprising really, after a game-changing revelation that no one saw coming.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 2 Episode 9

This is the episode where the human side of the ‘con’ is highlighted. As Perry says, ‘It’s amazing what a story and a little bit of confidence will do.’ For Jim and Rob there are some creative high points. You’ll never think of human statues in the same way. Likewise, you’ll never think of Dev the same way, especially after the episode’s ‘Eastenders ending’. Folks in the UK will appreciate that reference; everyone else, you’ll have to Google it.

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