Inside The Episodes

Season 3 - Episode 10
'The Line'

The ‘con’ is up and running full tilt. It has taken all the team’s combined social engineering and hacking skills to get in place and keep the sting going. It’s all been planned like clockwork; Fiona will deal with Lee and AJ in place in the van. All it needs now is Mark to get into position. It’s all been going so well, when ... there’s an obstacle they never anticipated. Seriously? ‘Operation Verité’ hangs by a thread.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 3 Episode 10

This is the episode where everything comes together. Rob gives the lowdown on the personal movie homage behind the exciting planning scene. Jim reveals the sweet story behind the little black flashing box used by Fiona in the hotel while Perry points out one of the most powerful takeaways from the whole season, namely the huge power we have as individuals, just by staying alert.

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