Inside The Episodes

Season 3 - Episode 12
'Blast From The Past'

Everyone is in a mood for celebration. It seems to be mission-accomplished. ‘Good Shepherd Security’, complete with its new team members, will live to fight another day. Maurice, as ever, is on hand for spiritual guidance but Mark is determined to follow his own clandestine path, a path that he will not leave until he has reached his own destination. Whatever that might be.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 3 Episode 12

Perry has some useful advice on why you shouldn't let your guard down, even when you’re exhausted, like the Good Shepherd Security team are at the end of a tense and complex operation. Jim describes his particular satisfaction  at a neat bit of plot symmetry with a favourite emotionally charged scene from Season 2.  While the ‘con’ is a stunning success, somehow it wouldn’t be ‘The Inside Man’ without a surprise twist or two. Of course there has to be a cliffhanger, according to Rob … otherwise how could there be a Season 4? 

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