Inside The Episodes

Season 3 - Episode 2
'Challenge Accepted'

Mark, Maurice and Fiona have a crucial meeting with Christina Mendoza, the CEO of GBT Bank. The outcome could transform the rocky fortunes of their fledgling company. Meanwhile AJ is engaged in an important bit of ‘outreach’, sharing his security insights and enthusiasm. It’s a tough crowd until he lets slip that he works with a ‘white hat hacker’. Great news, it’s game-on for Shepherd Security - but could this be a job too far?

Inside The Inside Man - Season 3 Episode 2

Rob explains the importance of this episode in setting out  the storyline that drives the whole of Season 3. Jim declares his love for a ‘sight gag’ and hopes observant viewers will spot the little gem he sneaked into AJ’s talk to the school kids. Also, find out who in his opinion has the best line in episode 2. Meanwhile Perry sheds some expert light on the relevance of Zoom-bombing as part of a bigger security threat and shares the challenges of advocating security to a non-security audience.

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