Inside The Episodes

Season 3 - Episode 3
'Things Unsaid'

The subject of the next penetration test is revealed as Verité, the company whose state-of-the-art banking software is currently being trialled by GBT Bank. The Good Shepherd Security team gather in their temporary new headquarters to make a plan. They have just two weeks to overcome a seemingly impossible challenge. And where exactly is Maurice, just at the moment when his unique skill-set is most needed?

Inside The Inside Man - Season 3 Episode 3

Perry always brings some great new turns of phrase and here introduces the notion of ‘cheap fake’ as opposed to ‘deep fake’, both of which are equally powerful. Rob and Jim welcome the potential of the new character, Gina, Fiona’s Mum. Rob explains how the restrictions on location filming lead the way for some clever writing to create a believable side-hustle for Maurice in the US and provided Jim’s favourite moment in the episode.

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