Inside The Episodes

Season 3 - Episode 6
'Family Ties'

The questions about Mark’s past are having a profound impact on him prompting a disturbing flashback dream. Meanwhile AJ is busy recruiting the new specialist team member, Violet. Her skills are impressive and he’s clearly charmed. It looks like she’s the perfect fit, filling the skills gap that will complete the team for ‘Operation Verité’. Mark’s reaction, however, is not at all what AJ is expecting. Just what is going on?

Inside The Inside Man - Season 3 Episode 6

Jim sheds some light on the particular casting requirements for young Mark and young Violet. Similarly, Rob talks about the importance of casting Violet as an adult and the challenge of finding someone who can fit seamlessly into a well-established ‘family’ of actors. Meanwhile Perry draws attention to the security implications of shoulder surfing and pretexting, both of which are demonstrated in the episode.

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