Inside The Episodes

Season 4 - Episode 11

All is descending into chaos. The Good Shepherd Cybersecurity team is driven out of their office. Erica makes a devastating discovery about Maurice while Mark receives more humiliation from the mastermind behind The 404. Everyone thinks he’s a hero, but he knows the awful truth and the enormous personal price he has paid.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 4 Episode 11

Kirsty describes how it felt to be in a cinema audience to watch the series for the first time seeing the ambitious scale of production from drone shots to VR sequences. Eric and Perry go deeper into the multi-faceted attack by Charlotte and address the thorny issue of how the devastation can be averted or mitigated in real-life. As this is the episode of The Inside Man 4 that comes closest to a tense and suspenseful movie, Jim explains how he used tried and trusted cinema techniques to heighten the emotional stakes for Mark and Good Shepherd Cybersecurity.

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