Inside The Episodes

Season 4 - Episode 3
'They Always Pay'

Disastrously, despite all advice, the energy company’s CEO is planning to cave in to the ransom demand. Mark buys time, promising his team will extinguish the threat in days. Maurice is as elusive as ever. However, the arrival of a Europol agent on the scene brings some nervous moments for both him and Mark.

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Inside The Inside Man - Season 4 Episode 3

The actors playing the main characters are now into the fourth series and Ben reflects on the relationships between them. This episode features the UG&E headquarters in London. This setting, despite being awesome,  created some challenges for the camera and lighting crew, as Jim explains. Perry and Eric expand on the disparity between human and technology security training and the role of federal and international law agencies in the cybersecurity space. It’s not what you might think.