Inside The Episodes

Season 4 - Episode 4
'Appointment with Fate'

AJ informs the team that a fake calendar request to the initial phish victim enabled the hackers to access vital engineering systems. George tries to explain his motives to Violet, but she isn’t convinced. Mark in the United Gas & Energy war room thinks he has worked out the nuts and bolts of the hack. He sends in Lars in Norway to rectify the situation but there is a terrifying reaction.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 4 Episode 4

The group is joined by Kat Georghiou who plays Fiona. Perry and Eric build out the picture around the calendar request hack on Melissa Barnes, showing just how easily it can be done with huge ramifications for virtual and physical systems when a ‘rat’ is unleashed by an unsuspecting victim. Jim talks about the challenges and joy of casting a new character like Lars and Fiona describes the existing cast’s reaction to this new member of the ‘family’.

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