Inside The Episodes

Season 4 - Episode 8
'Nuclear Family'

A flashback to the moment  when 16-year-old Violet was finally able to cut loose from George. Back in the present day, George tries to persuade Violet to acquire some outdated technology from Mark allegedly to protect him. Later, Violet is instrumental in putting together the response to deal with Rosie May’s social media crisis: an ingenious deepfake.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 4 Episode 8

It may have only been 2008 but, according to Jim the flashback to the London pub presented some real hidden challenges for the producers and art department. Brandon expands on the deep consideration that goes into depicting ‘Maurice’s’ psychological and emotional motivations throughout four seasons. Perry draws out the parallels between old fashioned grifting and the modern day cybercriminal while Eric provides some insights on the benefits of multi factor authentication (mfa).

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