Inside The Episodes

Season 4 - Episode 9
'Party On'

Violet and AJ have worked out the scarily simple mechanism behind the hack of Rosie May’s social media feed. The influencer is delighted, and everyone at Good Shepherd Cybersecurity is in a celebratory mood. Mark and Violet seem to have worked past their differences and are bonding over an old gaming console. Never short on surprises, Maurice brings an unexpected guest to the party.

Inside The Inside Man - Season 4 Episode 9

The deep fake scam turns out to have a very simple origin, involving a physical reflection of a password. Eric and Perry give some shocking examples of similar apparently banal ‘data leaks’ with huge consequences and have some advice on how to avoid them. Jim talks about the care and attention and unsung heroes in the costume and camera departments involved in filming a party scene over multiple days. Brandon describes how, in playing ‘Maurice’  he relishes portraying a character with multiple and conflicting motivations.

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